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What's New at Benton PUD

Ely Community Solar Project
The Ely Community Solar project began producing energy in July 2015.  Click here to view the real-time production. 
Click here for more information on Benton PUD's solar programs.

Renewables in Our Community
Benton PUD is proud of the investment we have made in renewables to ensure our community is sustainable for years to come.

Green Power Program
Benton PUD offers a Green Power Program for customers who want to make an investment in renewable energy.  Participation is 100% voluntary.  When you enroll you decide how much of an investment you want to make.  The amount you choose will be added to your bill each month.  Click here for more information or to make an investment in green power today.

Advanced Meter Information
Learn more about how our advanced meters result in improved system performance and efficiency

Breaking News

In honor of Memorial Day, Benton PUD offices will be closed on Monday, May 30.  We will reopen on Tuesday, May 31 at 8:30 am.

Benton PUD Commission Passes Resolution No. 2359
Benton PUD Commission passed a resolution opposing Initiative 732 that imposes an escalating tax on carbon emissions from electricity generated by fossil fuels.  Initiative 732 will be on the Washington state voter’s ballot in November 2016. If passed, the initiative is estimated to impose, in an average water year, an estimated $4.3 million tax expense on Benton PUD customers in 2017, $7.3 million in 2018, and increasing annually approximately $500,000 irrespective of the fact that the majority of Benton PUD’s fuel mix is carbon free.

Benton PUD Commission Approves Moratorium on Solar Incentive
Due to overwhelming popularity of the state-funded Renewable Energy System Cost Recovery Program, Benton PUD has placed a moratorium on accepting incentive applications in the program for new qualified renewable energy systems for which a Net Metering Interconnection Agreement was received by the utility after April 18, 2016.  The moratorium will allow time for Benton PUD to analyze the state-mandated funding cap, conduct customer and contractor meetings and determine the utility's level of participation going forward.

May is National Electrical Safety Month
We want you to be safe around electricity....both indoors and out!  Check out our tips for safety around the home and while working outdoors.

Energy Efficiency Projects for Low Income Customers
If you are looking for help saving energy and money we may be able to help.  Benton PUD has an energy efficiency program specifically designed for low income families to use on weatherization projects, heat pumps and ductless heat pumps for your home.   For more information, contact our Energy Programs department at (509) 582-1234 and we'll send you information on qualification requirements and set up a home audit to determine what measures fit your needs.

A Call You Don't Want To Miss - We Need Your Permission
From time to time we use automated, pre-recorded calls to communicate to customers regarding their account.  If you would like to receive an automated courtesy call please complete and return a courtesy call authorization form.  Click here for a copy of the authorization form.  All forms must be signed and returned to our offices.

Invasive Trees
Black locust. Mulberry. Tree-of-heaven. Russian olive. Siberian elm....these are all trees growing in our area that are invasive and can cause damage to electrical equipment.  These trees have very little landscape value when compared to slower growing trees that provide share and are easy to maintain.  If you have an invasive tree growing on your property near electrical equipment contact our Utility Tree Coordinator at (509) 585-5399.  He will work with you to remove it.

Benton PUD Collaborates with City of Richland on New Substation
Benton PUD will be working together with the City of Richland on a new substation located on Leslie Road & E Reata Road in Southeast Richland.  Click here for more details.

Between the Lines - Spring 2016

Energy Savings

Incentives for Commercial Customers
Benton PUD is contracting with BPA to perform energy efficiency audits to help you identify incentives you may be eligible for. If you are interested, please contact Kevin Fischer, Energy Efficiency Advisor at (509) 585-5395.

Save Energy & Money at Home

Ductless Heat Pump Rebates

Upgrade to a ductless heat pump and you could save between 25% and 50% per year on your electric bill.  Click here to learn more.

Heat Pump Water Heater Rebates

Heat pump water heaters are twice as efficient as conventional electric tank-style.  Click here for rebate information.


Do-it-Yourself Home Energy Audit

Use the checklist to make your home more energy efficient.


Light Bulb Recycling

Click here from a collection site near you.


Planting a Tree

When planting near overhead power lines make sure to select a tree that is slow growing.  Click here for more information on the right tree in the right location.