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2016 Rate Increase

Benton PUD Commission approved a retail rate increase that raises the average residential bill by approximately $5.50 a month effective September 1, 2016.  For an average Benton PUD residential customer, this would result in an increase in the average monthly bill from approximately $108 to $113 (a 4.9 percent increase).  The median monthly bill for comparable Northwest utilities is $121.

2016 Rate Increase News Release
2016 Rate Frequently Asked Questions
2016 Rate Information

Effective September 1, 2016


AVAILABLE: In all territory served by the District.

APPLICABLE: To domestic use of electric energy by all residential urban and rural customers which may include community lawn irrigation systems and single family residential swimming pools.

CHARACTER OF SERVICE: 60 hertz alternating current of such phase and voltage as the District may have available.


Daily System Charge

$0.55 per day

Monthly Energy Charge: $0.0718 per kWh

MINIMUM MONTHLY BILL: Shall be the daily system charge before any applicable adjustments.

DELIVERY POINT: The above rates are based upon the supply of service to the entire premises through a single delivery and metering point. Separate supply for the same customer at other points of consumption shall be separately metered and billed.

GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS: Service under this classification is subject to the Customer Service Policies of the District.